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Committed to the research and development of

DONGGE was established in 1992. Its marketing headquarter is located in Shanghai, and its manufacturing base is located in Jiangsu Qindong Industrial Park, which is adjacent to Wuxi Stainless Steel Market. For more than 20 years, our company has been committed to the research and development of stainless steel products. In cooperation with Qinghua, Dongnan,and Tongji universities and other well-known domestic steel mills and scientific research institutions, and based on in-depth research on the performance of stainless steel, our company has developed a series of high-grade stainless steel products for architectural decoration and metal curtain wall, including stainless steel diamond plate and stainless steel color plate, which meet European standards and greatly meet the stainless steel requirements of metal curtain walls.

Our company, as a high-tech enterprise, participated in the formulation of ‘Technical Specifications for Stainless Steel Structures’, ‘Aseismic Design Standards for Industrial Architecture’, and some other standards, which promoted the standardized development of the stainless steel market in architecture. Dongge independent developed and applied for more than 200 patents, and won more than 30 awards at the national, provincial and municipal levels, and has registered the "Dongge" trademark in 11 countries around the world. "Dongge" takes the responsibility of improving the manufacturing level of stainless steel in architecture and showing this ability to the world!

corporate culture


  • DONGGE Spirit

    DONGGE Spirit

    Self-reliance, self-improvement, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • DONGGE Management Idea

    DONGGE Management Idea

    Pursuing customer satisfaction, and creating social outstanding value
  • DONGGE Mission

    DONGGE Mission

    Being a leader in stainless steel industry

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